Enable Automatic Manager Service Failover

So yesterday, i had finished with distributed installation of vRA 7.3. I configured tenants, fabric, business groups and created a base blueprint for testing purpose. All was breeze and was working fine. So today i decided to go with failure testing scenarios.

I brought down my Active IaaS Manager service node and hop into vRA console to see if everything is working fine. But alas, i started seeing logs that my Agent cannot connect to manager service. It is down and agent cannot connect to proxy.

Error Log:

Could not connect to the Manager Service. The service might be offline or restarting. If this error persists, verify the that ManagerService.exe is running and that the endpoint, https://<iaasname>/VMPS2Proxy, can be reached.
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Decoding PSOD (Purple Screen of Death) of ESXi to find initial cause of crash

What is the VMkernel?

The VMkernel is the operating system core of ESX/ESXi. The kernel handles resource scheduling and device IO. Device IO is handled by the VMware network and storage stacks, which serves as a layer between the virtual file system, network devices and the device drivers that control physical devices.

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