What’s New, Part 2, in vSphere 7 Update 2

New set of features introduced in U2. Excited to get these tested in lab. #vmware

What’s New, Part 2, in vSphere 7 Update 2

It’s been a week since vSphere 7 Update 2 became available, and we continue to publish new information about it every day. Every update release to vSphere has new features. This one has about 20 big ones that we’ll talk about directly, about 90 medium-sized improvements or additions, and […]

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What’s New with vSAN 7 Update 2

What’s New with vSAN 7 Update 2

With more than 30,000 customers, vSAN continues to innovate. We’re excited to announce vSAN 7 Update 2, which delivers flexible, resilient, and future ready infrastructure that allows our customers to meet dynamic business and workload demands without compromising on efficiency, performance, or resiliency. We have enhanced the usability of vSAN deployed in various physical topologies, … Continued The post What’s New with vSAN 7 Update 2 appeared first on VMware vSAN Virtual Blocks Blog.

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