Stellar Repair for Exchange

When an Exchange Server fails, it is a challenging task for administrators to restore the services as soon as possible and without data loss. If your Exchange Server fails and the database cannot mount due to corruption, you can use the native tools, like EseUtil, to recover the database. If there is minimal corruption, you can perform the soft recovery. It might be able to get the database mounted. In case it fails, you need to use the hard recovery option of EseUtil. But it is not recommended as this simply purges out any information which is deemed as corrupted. This means data loss. Also, Microsoft will not provide support if the hard recovery is performed on the database. Apart from this, there is no guarantee that the database will mount. This is where Exchange database recovery software like Stellar Repair for Exchange comes in handy. Let’s take a detailed look at this application.

About Stellar Repair for Exchange

Stellar Repair for Exchange can open any database (EDB file), be it corrupt or in a dirty shutdown state, from any version of Exchange Server – from 2007 till the latest 2019. You can browse through the database in a full Outlook style interface and export the recovered database to PST and other file formats, such as EML, HTML, MSG, and PDF. You can also export the recovered database directly to a new Exchange Server live database and Office 365 tenant.

Installing Stellar Repair for Exchange

The installation of the application is easy and quick. The installation file is about 25 MB. The application can be installed on a Windows 10/11 machine or Windows Server operating system. You don’t need a working Exchange Server to browse the EDB file. The application works on its own.

Using Stellar Repair for Exchange

Select and Scan EDB file

When you open the application, it will immediately ask you to select the file. As you can see from the screenshot below, you can open multiple EDB files at once. You can also recover deleted mailboxes, archives, shared mailboxes, and public folders.

You can either point the application to the file or use the Find button to automatically discover any EDB files in the selected drive. You can also specify the temporary storage to use. After this, a quick scan is needed on the EDB file/s selected or you can also run an extensive scan, depending on the damage.

The scan process might take some time, depending on the damage or size of the files. But don’t worry! You can save the scan. So, when the next time you open it, it will open in the main window. From here, you can immediately put in the main screen where all the features are.

Mailbox Preview

After the scan is complete, you will be presented with a screen where you can browse through all the resources and mailboxes, filter through them, and preview them in a full HTML view.

You can view the mail items, calendar, contacts, journal, or tasks.

The application also features an in-line search in the middle pane for easy search.

Recover the Data

The application features several options you can use to easily recover or transfer data to a healthy database or Office 365. Below links are few helpful knowledge base article to easily work with tool –

Wrapping Up

I found Stellar Repair for Exchange very easy and simple to install, use, and work with. Recovering the data from corrupted databases was an easy job. This tool can also be used when EseUtil fails to repair Exchange database. You can easily recover database without having to create recovery database or even when your Exchange environment is not in place.

The application can export recovered database directly to a live Exchange Server and Office 365. The application works like a charm. In disastrous situations, Stellar Repair for Exchange is the best companion application you would need in your arsenal.

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