Deploy VCF 4.5 Lab on AMD Ryzen – Part 3

In last two parts, we had seen how to setup base VMs and Infrastructure to prepare for VCF Bringup. In 2nd part, we had gone over SDDC Bringup process and issues I had encountered during deployment. In this last part, we will cover how to deploy Edge cluster in SDDC Manager to be used for either AVN, Workload Management or Custom. This is where it gets tricky as Edge VMs get stuck in Registration Pending state due to AMD Ryzen CPU, so we will see how to get past this.

Link to Other two parts in this series –

Let’s start deploying VCF 4.5 on our lab environment.

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NSX Edge ‘Force Sync’

Its been a while, since i posted a troubleshooting article. But, recently I ran into an issue which was quite interesting and would like to share with you all.


There are two sites. Let’s name them Site-1 and Site-2. Site-1 and Site-2 are configured in Cross Site NSX, with universal switch and universal DLR configured. Site-1 has its own universal DLR-1 and Site-2 have its own universal DLR-2. Now, due to some issue, VXLAN in Site-1 stopped working. This issue is for some other day. But VXLAN was working fine in Site-2 with no issues. So, to restore connectivity we moved LIF with gateway (virtual wire) from DLR-1 to DLR-2. And gateway starts to ping absolutely fine thanks to dynamic routing in place. But, when we moved VM (IP – to Site-2 and attaches them to LIF, they are unreachable. So, what went wrong.

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Configure Active/Active North-South Cross vCenter NSX

Hello Everyone.

Two cups of Espresso in me and a late night blog. Writing while working just to keep me awake.

So without much further wait, i had a scenario similar to below design:

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