Securing K8S Pods using Antrea with NSX – Part 1

It’s been a long time since I write a blog due to different projects I am working on. One of the interesting one is how can we more secure our containerized applications. There is K8S network policies and a lot of different CNIs to achieve same but is there a way to manage security from a single UI? Can I manage security policies on different virtual machines along with K8S pods running on different platforms all from a single place? Answer is yes by harnessing the power of Antrea with NSX. VMware introduces support for Antrea integration with NSX-T 3.2 and is adding more features with different release. In this blog series, I will focus on how to build a K8S platform from scratch, Install Antrea on a vanilla K8S (no managed platform) and integrate same with NSX. Later on, will see how can we utilize NSX to provide more security to our applications. So, buckle your seatbelts as we head on this roller coaster ride.

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Deploy VCF 4.5 Lab on AMD Ryzen – Part 1

This is a very delayed post which was roaming in my head for a long time. I always wanted to deploy a fully functional lab for VCF on my home system to play around with API and automation. There is execellent tool VLC (VCF Lab Constructor) which will help you prepare base infrastructure and deploy VCF to play around with. But in my case, it is bit different as I am using VMware Workstation and wanted to experience bring up process. In this multi part series, I will cover how to deploy VCF and then Edge Cluster to have a functional Consolidated Management Domain.

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My Top 5 Sessions in VMware Explore

VMware Explore previously known as VMworld is right around corner and Session Builder is also live. There are 765 Events spread across 12 tracks and 5 focus areas. This can become overwhelming for newcomers very easy very soon. What to attend, what to skip – I know this feeling as I have been through same. So, I decided to write about few tips to make most of VMware Explore and list few interesting sessions, I am looking forward to. Without further delay, let’s dive right in.

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vRealize Automation 8.1 Initial Configuration – Part 1

In last blog, I had covered deployment of vRealize Automation 8.1. You can follow below link to look at deployment. Complete blog series links:

But, true fun begins after deployment while configuring vRealize Automation. There are multiple configuration steps, needs to be followed and sometime they can become overwhelming if coming from vRA 7.x environment. So, i have tried to create guide around initial configuration post deployment. It will cover configuration starting from Identity and Access Management, going to Cloud Assembly and then Service Broker for catalog. I will try to map key terms with their counterparts in vRA 7.x. Without further wait, let’s get started with part 1.

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Objective 7.1 – Manage virtual networking

It’s been a while since my last bog on configuring virtual networking as I got stuck with some issues and work. I am drafting those issues as part of blog as some were quite interesting. So keep following as more adventure is yet to come. In last blog, we look at how to configure virtual switches. In this part, we will see how to manage virtual networking. How to add new hosts or change existing networking policies? So let’s start.

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Objective 4.5 Configure virtual networking

As part of this blog we will look at how to configure virtual networking. This blog covers exam objective 1.8 as well i.e. Differentiate between vSS and vDS.

vSphere 6.7 exam has two objective, one is configuring and other is managing virtual networking. So I will divide this blog in two part series. In part one I will cover basic of virtual networking, how to setup vSphere standard switch and vSphere distributed switch, configuring VMkernel networking and some other topics. In second part of blog we will cover objective 7.1 which talks about managing virtual networking. So let’s jump right into it.

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Objective 4.4 – Set up ESXi hosts

In this blog we will be looking at how to install ESXi, what are different methods to install ESXi and initial configuration after installation. This blog is divided in two sections, first section we will see how to install ESXi and in second section, we will look at configuration. I will only give brief about Auto Deploy as deploying ESXi using Auto Deploy is itself a whole different topic. If you would like to know more about Auto Deploy, let me know in comments and I will cover it as a separate blog. So without wasting any more time, let’s dig right into it.

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Configure Active/Active North-South Cross vCenter NSX

Hello Everyone.

Two cups of Espresso in me and a late night blog. Writing while working just to keep me awake.

So without much further wait, i had a scenario similar to below design:

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