vRealize Lifecycle Manager – A Step by Step Guide

Finally deployed and configured vRealize lifecycle manager over a week. Imported vRealize automation as well as deployed new components. This blog covers my journey in form of step by step guide on vRealize Lifecycle Manager. So let’s get started.

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Upgrading vRealize Automation 7.3.x Distributed Deployment to 7.5

Good Morning All.

In middle of environment upgrade and integrating new components. Its quite tiring but exciting as well to play around with newest technologies. So, in pursuit of building central patch and upgrade management using vRealize LifeCycle Manager, started with vRA upgrade which was pending for quite a while now. New upgrade process is such a breeze and in this blog i will be covering whole vRA upgrade process step by step. So let’s get started.

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Enable Automatic Manager Service Failover

So yesterday, i had finished with distributed installation of vRA 7.3. I configured tenants, fabric, business groups and created a base blueprint for testing purpose. All was breeze and was working fine. So today i decided to go with failure testing scenarios.

I brought down my Active IaaS Manager service node and hop into vRA console to see if everything is working fine. But alas, i started seeing logs that my Agent cannot connect to manager service. It is down and agent cannot connect to proxy.

Error Log:

Could not connect to the Manager Service. The service might be offline or restarting. If this error persists, verify the that ManagerService.exe is running and that the endpoint, https://<iaasname>/VMPS2Proxy, can be reached.
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